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CASE.health is a consultancy firm specialised in applying for grants. Impact is our company mission, we are a devoted team that aims to ensure that you will make an impact with your project. Our vision is that grant writing helps our clients' projects to make more impact by getting more funding from a variety of sources

We believe that every person has the right to quality healthcare, no matter their income level or country of origin. We're working on projects to improve access to health care and make it more sustainable. As a team we've worked on projects in Europe and Africa to address high-impact health needs that are particularly relevant to low and middle-income countries.

We are small and focused- with our roots in academia. We understand the real world of development projects, research, and international health. Our primary goal is helping you to tell your story accurately to funding agencies so you can get the funding you need to. Our consultants have a PhD or master degree in global health, deep knowledge and international experience. We fact-check every sentence, make all your numbers add up and write high-quality, compelling grant reports.

We help organisations working in global health to get the right funding and find new partners. We are based in the Netherlands and work with organisations across the world. Our clients range from start-ups to small and large NGOs, research institutes and governments.Our experience covers many different topics in global health, from development of medical devices,biomedical engineering to mental health, from maternal health to humanitarian crises.